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Miracle Samsung Tool Credits


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Miracle Samsung Tool Credits are intended for Samsung phones decoding.

Note! While placing your order, please indicate the following information:

for old Miracle users - provide your username.
for new Miracle users - provide your Hardware ID (HWID)

Important! There is NO REFUND for a wrong serial number/hardware ID/username.

Supported Models:

New Exynos 2019 Series (2 Credits)

  • SM-N970F SM-N975F SM-N976B SM-N971N SM-G977B SM-G970F SM-G973F SM-G975F

Phones that don`t request Network Code and indicate "Invalid SIM Card" (2 Credits)

  • SM-S260DL SM-S357BL SM-S757BL SM-S737TL SM-J260AZ SM-J260A SM-N960U SM-N960U1 SM-J260T SM-J260T1 SM-J337T SM-J737T SM-J337T1 SM-J737T1 SM-G960U SM-G960U1 SM-G965U SM-G965U1 SM-A600T SM-A600T1

JAPAN Qualcomm

2016, 2017 Series (1 Credit)
2018, 2019 Series (2 Credits)

  • SC-02H SC-02J SC-03J SC-01K SC-02K SC-03K SC-03L SC-04L SC-05L
  • SCV33 SCV34 SCV35 SCV36 SCV35 SCV37 SCV38 SCV39

S10 / Note 10 Qualcomm 2019 Series (2 Credits)

  • SC-03L SC-04L SC-05L
  • SM-G970U SM-G970U1 SM-G970W SM-G9700 SM-G973U SM-G973U1 SM-G973W SM-G9730 SM-G975U SM-G975U1 SM-G975W SM-G9750 SM-G977U
  • SM-N970U SM-N970U1 SM-N970W SM-N975U SM-N975U1 SM-N975W SM-N9700 SM-N9750 SM-N9760

New 2019 Qualcomm (2 Credits)

  • SM-M405F SM-T927A SM-A705F SM-A705FN SM-A705GM SM-A705YN SM-A705MN SM-A705W SM-A7050 SM-A805F SM-A905F SM-T387AA SM-T387T SM-T387W SM-T387VK SM-T837A SM-T837T SM-A606Y SM-A6060

New Exynos 2018,2019 (2 Credits)

  • SM-M105G SM-M105F SM-M107F SM-M205FN SM-M205G SM-M307F SM-A102U SM-A105M SM-A105FN SM-A105GN SM-A202FN SM-A205FN SM-A205YN SM-A205GN SM-A305FN SM-A305GN SM-A307GN SM-A307F SM-A307FN SM-A405FN SM-A505FN SM-A505GN SM-A507FN SM-A600AZ SM-A600A SM-S260DL SM-A600T1 SM-A520W SM-A530F SM-A730FN- SM-A730FM SM-J730G SM-J730F SM-J730FM SM-A600GN SM-A600FN SM-A750GN SM-A750FN SM-J260T1 SM-J260AZ SM-J260F SM-J260G SM-J260M SM-J336AZ SM-J337AZ SM-J737U1 SM-J737AZ SM-J337VPP SM-J737VPP SM-J337T1 SM-J737T1 SM-S757BL SM-S357BL SM-G950F SM-G955F SM-N950F SM-J530F SM-A520F SM-J400FD SM-J400FN SM-J400M SM-J600FN SM-J600GF SM-G610M SM-G960F SM-G965F SM-N960F SM-G960N SM-G965N SM-N960N SM-A260G SM-N935FD SM-G935FD SM-G930FD SM-A720F SM-J327T1 SM-J727T1 SM-J727A SM-J327T SM-J727T SM-J327A SM-S737TL

Qualcomm 2018 Phones (2 Credits)

  • SM-G965U SM-G960U SM-N960U SM-G965U1 SM-G960U1 SM-N960U1 SM-J410F SM-J410FN SM-J410G SM-J415F SM-J415FN SM-J415G SM-J415GN SM-J610F SM-J610FN SM-J610G SM-J610GN SM-A605F SM-A605FD SM-A605FN SM-A605G SM-A605GN SM-A6050 SM-A6058

Qualcomm 2016, 2017 Phones (1 Credits)

  • SM-G935V SM-G935T1 SM-G935R4 SM-G935R6 SM-G935T SM-G935A SM-G935P SM-G935U SM-J727P SM-G360T SM-G360T1 SM-G530T SM-G530T1 SM-J250F SM-J250G SM-J250M SM-J250Y SM-J250N SM-T818A SM-J327V SM-J510F SM-J510FN SM-J510GN SM-J510FQ SM-J500F SM-J500FN SM-J500G SM-J500H SM-J500M SM-N930A SM-N930T SM-N930P SM-N930V SM-N930A SM-N930R4 SM-N930R6 SM-N930W8 SM-N930T1 SM-G891A SM-G891V SM-G891U SM-G892A SM-G892V SM-G892U SM-G930V SM-G930VL SM-G930U SM-G930T SM-G930T1 SM-G930A SM-G930AZ SM-G930P SM-G930R4 SM-G930R6 SM-G950U SM-G950W SM-G950D SM-N950U SM-N950U1 SM-G955U1 SM-G950U1 SM-G955U SM-G955W SM-N950W SM-G930T SM-G930T1 SM-G935T SM-G935T1 SM-G950U SM-G955U SM-N950U SM-G891A SM-G891U SM-G892A SM-G530T1 SM-G360T1 SM-N930T

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Detailed information on the further use of the virtual product will be sent to your email, specified during registration, when we confirm your payment and process your order.